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Need paid help with my mobile app

Hi Guys,

I’m tired trying on my own. Now i need paid help. There are some issues which I can’t find solutions to. let me list them here.

  1. Performance. Bubble is too slow. I load a horizontal repeating group and it’s quite a poor experience trying to scroll across. I need general performance to be improved

  2. I’m designing a mobile app, so the admin panel is a web app. My whole login module is a mess. It is a reusable component and has to be used for both the mobile login and admin panel login. I cannot solve problems that stem from the fact that I can’t see states outside the reusable elements.

there are 2 or 3 other minor issues.


I hear the pain in your voice :slight_smile: . There are plenty of freelancers, mentors, people for looking for project work on the forum.
Consider looking through the list on this site. It could be a low-cost try-before-you-buy :slight_smile:

Full disclosure - I am on the list of experts - but don’t pick me! I am super busy right now! :grimacing: but the other guys on the list are all decent.

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Hi Lance,

I can help with that. Let me know how we can connect?

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