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Need somebody to turn to for answers while building my new app

It would be a good idea for bubble experts to be able to join a paid program where they answer questions in real time, submitted by new bubble users (Who pay per question or paid in advanced with credits) while they’re building their apps.

Most people on bubble are people new to programming that have an idea they want to build on their own, but - although bubble makes it easier for the non-coders - , they can still get discouraged when they get into a question and have to wait till somebody answers on the forum.

im a new user building my first app, and i would pay for such a program

i would be in on that, just spent the last few hours doing example apps up to help a few people out :slight_smile:

It exists! :slight_smile: Check out - You can book time with Salar and he’ll get on a video chat / screen share with you and help you through whatever challenges you’re facing.

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I will also recommend Gaby (@romanmg).
She’s very regular on this forum and has helped a lot of members.

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I didn’t realize @romanmg offered 1on1 sessions as well. Good to know! She’s also incredibly informed and is particularly helpful on the forums. Can’t go wrong.

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thanks for the help

Thanks @seanhoots and @sridharan.s!

@cheskiefisch Shoot me a message if you need anything!