Need to calculate DOB

I have the date a record was created plus the user enters how many months old the (in this case) animal is.
So, I want to calculate the DOB but the attached shows I can only + months.
How do I minus months?
Thanks for your assitance.
Regards, Mark.

PS: The field is currently named “Age” but it will be “DOB”.

Set the number with a “minus” sign (… a negative number)

Hi cmarchan
Thanks again (you’ve helped me before).
Where do I put the minus sign?
Can you give me an example please.
Thanks, Mark.

Oops read too fast and thought you wanted to calculate age from DOB not the other way around :slight_smile:

No worries.
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can multiplicate (the opposite of divide_ I am not sure about the right term in english) your number by around 30.5 to use days ?
(I also think I have seen something which calculate the difference beetween two dates but I am not sure. With “range” ?)


Hi cmarchan
Thanks for sharing the video.
Although there is a minus, unfortunately it’s -n where n is a number not a field.
So what I will do is create a state to hold a negative of my field (0-field).
That way when the field is added it effectively subtracts the months from the creation date giving the DOB.
Thanks again, Mark.

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