Need to hire an experienced app maker ASAP!

Attention all experienced app makers!

I am currently building an app that has reached a stage where it has grown out of my skill level and there are some challenges that i’m facing. for example, the app is too slow for the client, and… we need to app to work for the user with less clicks. I also want to build a line graph thats going to show multiple lines.

Im looking for someone who can get in and assist with my challenges and guide me through what they are doing so that I can learn. Payment and scope can be negotiates once we connect.

Please message me or email me [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you,

just emailed you elijah

Hi Elijah,
Just sent you an email
Best Wishes,
[email protected]

I can help you. Sent you an email.
Look forward to hear back from you.

Austin W.


Sent you am email. Looking forward to hearing from you.