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Need to hire someone to set up website

Hello, I’m looking for someone who works with commissions to make my website functional. The design is completely ready, just need someone to make it work. I’m looking for someone who works with commissions but if I don’t get enough commissions by February 1st to pay you the promised amount ($3,500), I’ll pay you the remaining amount. I can also pay you an initial amount and pay the rest with commissions. We can make a contract.
Please send me a message if you’re interested and I’ll share the project details.

So you’re going to get paid 3.5k+ anyway, the only difference is that I have until January 1st to pay.

Might help if you could explain what you mean by “make it work”? Do you mean you want your design elements to be interactable (eg; pressing buttons does things)

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i can help you

@caocaramuru Hi, do you have more details of requirements for the project?

Hello @caocaramuru

Hi, am an SEO Strategist/Web Developer. Ping me.


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