Need to refer each items item number n in a list

Hello everyone!

Im new here and this issue may sound silly to most of you but I couldnt manage.

Here is the help I need:

I’m building a financial planning app and I have two lists in each row in my data. First list is the list of prices and the second list is the list of quantities. The lists contain prices and quantities for each year for each product. For example:
Product A:
Price Y1: $5
Price Y2: $6
Price Y3: $7
Price Y4: $8
Price Y5: $9
Quantity Y1: 100
Quantity Y2: 200
Quantity Y3: 300
Quantity Y4: 400
Quantity Y5: 500
… and there are many products like this.
The question is how it will be possible when I would like to show the sum of the quantities of the all products just for year 1?
I hope I was able to define my issue as it comes really complicated to me even to describe :slight_smile:

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