Nested Array in API Connector and JSON Body!

Hey folks, i’ve tried along days make an POST in Shopify API, but have some issues and i don’t know how can i fixe it.

So, when i try to create an product in shopify using the Shopify API, the error 400 return to me.

In Shopify Error Table, said that Error 400 appear when have an incorrect syntax (or when don’t have in header “Content-Type: application/json”)

I put in header the content type, so in logic, i have an incorrect syntax in JSON Body.

My JSON Body is this and this is the response that i receive when i click in Initialize Call. I have an object called “Product” and values for this product, it would really be a nested array, because below I would have other values ​​passed in array form in the json body.

Anyone can help me? It’s a brain explosion, because i search in forum many types to pass Nested Arrays in Body JSON but nothing didn’t work with me. I’ll put the shopify doc in this post, if you want to help me, maybe it’s good you read the doc about the POST Product.

Shopify DOC: Product

Thanks so much!

Hey folks, i finded the issue and i make it work. I’ll explain the issue for the other peoples that can the same erros!

In the JSON Body, you change “JSON” for “RAW”. Simple! You use * to dynamic values.

That’s it’s folks!