Nested JSON is not possible

Just started building our webapp. Trying to deliver information to our front end including a dozen posts per call, as well as info on the users who created those posts. However it seems we have to make redundant fields for posts to include user info, since we can’t deliver nested json.

Basically, does anyone know if this is on the way? Perhaps it was my fault for expecting it, but we now have to go back and create new fields and populate the fields in the old data.

Can you clarify a bit more, there might be a workaround.

How is the info getting to the front end, for example stored in the database, or through an API call from a workflow / page element?

What does the nested structure look like?

We’re making a new backend with bubble to use with our original website that’s already been developed. The data is coming from bubble’s database, using the Workflow API.
I’ve found that despite a post having a createdby field, this only delivers the id, rather than another level of json with that user’s data. Same if I explicitly create a user field in the post. My workaround is copying the necessary data of the user into the post, as multiple extra fields.

There are worse things than redundancy I guess.

Yes the API workflow has limited functionality for constructing JSON from database values.

You might get more use from calling Bubble’s Data API, although that is limited to one data type per call.

Is there a strong reason to use Bubble as a backend for another site? It might be more work and less performant than a traditional server/database development.