New Bubble team member!

Hey guys, excited to announce that @neerja is joining our team! She’s going to be helping manage communication and support, so you’ll start seeing her name on emails from us. You can see her bio here: . Very excited to have her on board!


Welcome to the Bubble Community @neerja! We’re excited to see Bubble continue to grow and succeed.

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Welcome @neerja,
Gradually the bubble team it growing.

Welcome @neerja!!!

Hello @neerja

hey @neerja - and welcome to this brilliant world!

@neerja Welcome to the team! Glad to see Bubble core growing.

Welcome @neerja to Bubble world and to the Bubble team.
It is a brilliant world :slight_smile:

Welcome @neerja

Really nice to see Bubble is growing.

Welcome @neerja! Excited to see the team grow!