New Bubbler looking to get some paid experience

Hi Everyone!

I am a freelance app developer, UX designer and product management with 3 years.
Most of my experience has been creating apps using React and Firebase, but now I’m moving more into Bubble, and I think it’s absolutely amazing!

I just wanted to know if anyone was looking for a Junior Bubble developer.

I’m Irish and based in Vancouver, Canada, so I have fluent English.
Here are 2 of my key strengths:

Being able to step back and look at the overall user experience, observe, ask questions and listen to better understand problems and then recommend solutions.

Being an excellent communicator, because of my tech background, I can talk with technical and non-technical stakeholders

Here is my resume:

My Portfolio:


I would appreciate any advice or referrals!

Thanks very much,


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Hello @Andrew_i !

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Thank you!

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Once you feel comfortable with your Bubble skills you may want to consider applying directly (or just go through the bootcamp first to sharpen your Bubble skills)