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New column in Repeating group isn’t visible in app. Bug is repeating again

Hello! I have app with Repeating Group element. After I added 1 column by coping previous cell the new column isn’t visible in app. See the 5-th column.
The column is visible in dev-mode.

The column is visible in live-mode after deployment.

The column isn’t visible in the app.

The column isn’t visible in preview-mode too

We’ll really need a link to the editor to have a good chance of helping out. And as Emmanuel will say, if you think it’s a bug, you should file a bug report.

Please see

I clicked the page and got an error when loading it. Is your app set to be public?

I can’t set the app to public because it has a lot of personal data.

You might need to recreate it in one of the forum apps, then. In your situation, it’s almost impossible to help without getting under the hood. It def sounds like a bug tho, so I’d go ahead and file a bug report with Bubble.