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New Entries Not Visible In Database View

When a new database entry is created on my website, that entry fails to appear in the admin panel’s ‘App Data’ tab. The entry is being created (as it’s visible on my actual website), just not in the database view.

The database view is not real-time. You shouldn’t rely on that for debugging purposes. General best practice is to build your own admin dashboard so you can see exactly what you need to see instantly.

I can appreciate that, however, every addition to my database today is missing from the database view. Items have been added over 6 hours ago and are still not appearing in the database view. My concern is that there is a bug of some sort, as this has never happened in the past.

Probably a dumb question, but have you refreshed the page? Also, sometimes I need to change the browser width to make anything show up. The view doesn’t seem to like certain widths, at least in my experience.

Also… Are you looking at the right database? Live vs development. I have been caught out that way :slight_smile:

Are you uploading in CSV. If so, can you show a sample of the file and the popup when you upload the CSV? In particular where you do the column mat

Thank you, guys. I found the oversight on my end. Apologies for wasting your time.

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