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[New Extension] Bulk import from CSV file for Option Set

Besides Option Sets is a very helpful feature and has a good impact on app perfomance, managing Options Sets is not as easy as it can be.
So I decided to create Chrome extension which will help in working with Option Sets.
Current version of the extension gives the ability to import Options from selected CSV file.
I’m a newbie with Bubble, so I want to ask the community to help with testing and providing the feedback.
Link: Bubble Option Sets Helper

Aslo I want to ask which feature in Option Sets do you miss the most? It will help me prioritize the next features.

  • Remove all options from option set by clicking button
  • Drag&Drop Options order
  • Preview and edit options list before import
  • Bulk import attributes for each option from the file
  • Alert message if trying to add option with the existing name
  • Detect and remove duplicates options in existing options list
  • Add predefined options list (countries, cities, states… write your variant in comments)
  • Manage your own Option lists (create, update, delete, move Options and attributes between projects)
  • Import other than CSV files (for example, xls, txt)
  • Import from textarea field instead of uploading file
  • Create similar extension for Firefox browser
  • Propose your own feature in comments

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Does this allow for linking option types?

This is coool!


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Wow this is going to be be very useful.


Could you please explain what is linking option types? It is not supported yet, but I can think about if it is possible to implement :slight_smile:


Excellent work!

One option set can have an attribute that is another option set.


Since you’ve figured out the option set extension, would it be possible to build something that explodes all steps in a selected workflow so that I can inspect it? I’m currently doing this the artisanal way.


Now that would be Cool! @rico.trevisan


Congratulations on the extension, perfect.

But you need to check it out when it imports words with accents, it ends up losing the original text.

@rico.trevisan this would make building 1000x easier if you find out a way to make that happen please make a post about it!

@arturio you sir are a genius! This is the most innovative bubble extension I’ve seen!


Hey Dude!

Trying to use the helper and nothing is coming up (like the blue button at the bottom in the photo) when I am in the Option Set area and I am not seeing any additional documentation.

Happy I found you here because I was leaving a 1 star review because there was no way to contact you via the Chrome Store. :grimacing: :innocent:

Has since been deleted so no worries.

But yeah… what am I missing? App is pinned in my dock and but doesn’t do anything if I click on it and nothing is popping up on the page.


Hi @brian4
You did everything correctly.
Could you share with me such information: what device and OS do you use?
Also, it will be very helpful to get any information from the developer’s console in Chrome.
Let’s continue in Direct Message and then publish here the solution if we find any.


Sounds good!

For everyone who has the same error, when you don’t see the popup after click “Bubble Option Sets Helper” button.
At the moment the plugin has a conflict with AdBlock. So you should disable AdBlock.
I will try to fix this issue in future release.


Awesome work!

I had to restart chrome before the popup at the bottom appeared - although I did spend some time trying to work it all out before I figured I’d try a restart.

Would absolutely love the ability to update attributes in option sets - when you have a lot of options, these take the most time - you can get in a cut and paste rythm to add new option sets, but having to open them up add the attributes and save is really really time consuming!


@launchable @armen.a.karapetyan

After bulk all option sets, I’m trying to show them in a multidrown options or dropdown, but the options are “invisible” I mean, I can’t see nothing but there are the options, any solution? thank you.

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Is it possible to export an option set too. If I make one manually, I cannot see if I accidentally skipped an attribute. An export, or even better an overview in the backend, would help there.

Please like if you would like this to be added to the back-end.

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Thank you for this great extension !
I also have the same problem… display attributes are loaded with the extension, but are “invisible” in the dropdown. what am I missing ?

I’ve tried 2 different techniques setting up the type of dropdown as :

  1. Text : picking all options’each item’sdisplay
  2. Self Type : picking all options then caption as current option’s display
    Both techniques failed…
    @arturio do you have an idea ?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.




I did not find some solution, sorry.

Hello, Me neither…
I’ll try to transform option set into classical data…