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New faces on the Bubble team!

Hey all – please extend a warm welcome to @nickhil, @kevin2, and @farhan!

Nickhil and Kevin are joining the Bubble team as engineers – they’ll be helping us continue to improve Bubble as a platform! See our updated for a bit more about them.

Farhan is starting out with us as an intern, though who knows where that will lead! He’s a startup aficionado / software developer / entrepreneur who’s been spending his time in high school experimenting with technology and launching his own company.

We’re excited to be growing, and thank you so so much to everyone who referred people to us!


Welcome :slight_smile:

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Bubble is the next revolution on the internet! most people don’t recognize the brilliance of bubble, but time will tell.

That’s why i’m so excited that bubble is taking it to the next level, and they are tackling the big issue of Performance which is something im struggling quite a bit especially while testing my development on a phone browser, which gives a lot of odd responses and glitches.

hope that will get better and ill be able to rely on bubble to build a reliable app for the public

Cant wait


I had a friend who is starting a business and asked me, “you have used squarespace, what do you think of that compared to wordpress?” My response, “you are already behind if you choose either of those, which are nearing their peak, or on their way out.”

This is the future. It is great to see new people contributing and helping it grow.


Awesome!! Welcome guys :slight_smile:

Welcome guys

Welcome! lets get this thing bubbling hot…

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Welcome!! :smiley:

Awesome - welcome and what an amazing opportunity you guys have here. Bubble is revolutionary.

Can’t wait to see what you guys produce.


This is great! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Welcome guys.

This is getting so much better :slight_smile:

Welcome! And congrats to Bubble on growing the team!

Congrats and welcome. Great to hear that even more new stuff will be on its way! Long live Bubble!

Great, really glad to see Bubble evolving! Welcome guys!

Welcome! Hope you have your sneakers laced up tight because this community is running!

This is an exciting development. Welcome to the inner Bubble!

Welcome and thanks.

Great news, welcome guys!

Great news! Welcome to the new team members!

Welcome guys, onward with the evolution!