[New Feature] Opening the Element Plugin builder to everyone

What about adding our own js script files. How can we do that?

I’ll provide free custom javascript development for any plugin. PM if interested.


Maybe someone can create some floating label inputs a la http://codepen.io/simoberny/pen/gpddYQ :wink: although that looks like it’s just HTML/CSS. Can you build elements using HTML/CSS also? (excuse non-programmer comment)

The email states:

"What is next for the plugin system? Mostly two things:
1) Ability to write server-side actions, that can be used to save data, in emails, etc.
2) Ability for Plugin Builders to sell their plugins through a marketplace.

This will be our focus for the next few weeks.

Does this mean we will be able to build Node.JS functions?

We’re still working on the format, but essentially, yes, you’ll be able to run some JS server-side.

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Javascript files can be loaded in either:

  • Plugin Shared tab HTML Header, file is loaded on every Bubble page in the app.
  • Plugin Element Header, file is loaded on a Bubble page if the element is used.
  • Inside one of the functions, like initialize(), for delayed or on-demand loading.

Thanks @mishav

But I was really asking about where do we upload/add the actual script.js files.

Can either paste in the contents of the file, or host it somewhere like github and load it from the host.

Thanks that’s what I thought. @emmanuel is there a plan to host these type of files om Bubble or should we always have alternative hosting?

We just added that in the Shared Tab.


Hi @emmanuel,

In the plugin function uploadContent, is it possible to make the file protected/private in the same way that the image uploader and file uploader does?

Will this new feature make this dynamic table like on this jsfiddle possible: http://jsfiddle.net/charlietfl/k2QWc/

And save the lines when hitting the save button?

Thanks a lot to all.

We’ll look into it and let you know.

That javascript made my browser work hard, and did weird things on data entry.

Yes you can paint a HTML table onto the element, and have the javascript handle data entry. It would be difficult to match the Bubble styles though.

The plugin doesn’t have access to saving directly in Bubble’s database, so saving the lines would likely involve returning a list of strings to Bubble, which you can then do something with in workflows, depending on your data structure.

Thanks @mishav

Let´s say you have something like invoices and invoices_lines connected to the invoices and then you want to add as many invoice_lines in an invoice and when hitting the “save” button in the invoice, the invoice_lines are saved also but just when hitting the “save” button not like Bubble handles now (each line you add, creates a new line in the database and you have to work hard with workflows to save the data inside each line).

What do you think?

Thanks a lot.

I think your outline is a nice way to do it, but would require changes to the plugin interface to implement. At the moment, would still need to do the saving with workflows.

I see. Thanks a lot @mishav

@mishav In your experience, is github better than aws/s3?

I don’t have any comparisons for hosting speed/locality/etc, I’d guess that it’d be hard to beat S3 considering their infrastructure.

I’m integrating s3 into something now. As a plugin, could there be a benefit to having a default file structure similar to github? or keep it like FTP?