[New Feature] reCAPTCHA Element

+1 for v3 update

Found a little bug in this.

Available reCAPTCHA states are only Checked and Unchecked; however, if the box has been checked and the user lets the reCAPTCHA time out such that verification expires and the box become unchecked, it’s state still remains as checked.

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+1 for v3 (and to be able to fire the v3 only when needed) :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming this, as it drove me crazy thinking that I am doing something wrong. :unamused:

Currently, the states Checked and Unchecked are broken and after an action I cannot clear the state after the user checked it first time, next times this state is automatically “checked” and the reCAPTCHA is not triggered and useless.

@emmanuel @josh can you please take a look at the current state of plugin since it’s not working.

PS: Also please update the docs - reCAPTCHA | Bubble Docs
There’s nowhere mentioned that the Plugin supports only v2 reCAPTCHA version, but Google already implemented v3 for some time and trying to set v3 keys on the plugin side will give you an error when previewing the app, thinking that plugin is broken. Unless you google the shit out of the internet.

Thank you, kindly.


Hey @psychosolutions038

One possible solution you might use is a custom state.

You could set the custom state to some variable (let’s say yes), such that it’s only set once user checks the recaptcha. This way you can “retain” a user’s validation even once the actual captcha itself expires. Not sure if this’ll work for your situation but just a thought