[New Feature] reCAPTCHA Element

There has been a few thread about that one, so we decided to add it. We just added a plugin that lets you use Google’s reCAPTCHA form to your app. That way, you can check if your users are actual people, and prevent robots from spamming your site and database.

The way it works is very similar to an input. After adding the plugin and entering the keys you’ll get from Google, you can draw the element on the page. When the user does the operation and is recognized as a human, the input’s checked status will be true. You can use this in a condition on workflow, etc.


Awesome, Emmanuel! thanks for a great job! :slight_smile:

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Great thank you

Thank you!

Thanks Emmanuel - really appreciate that you got this done for us.

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This is great!! Client was wanting this.

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Very useful!

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Indeed. Just discovered it now.

@emmanuel, is there a way to make it so that the recaptcha challenge shows up closer to the recaptcha element, and not just at the top of the page?

For instance, my signup screen is longer with the recaptcha element at the bottom and when you check the box, the challenge shows up at the top of the screen. So when the user checks the recaptcha, the challenge is off the screen above, leaving users confused that it never worked.

Im not sure what dictates its starting position, but is there a way to offset it closer to the actual element?

My apologies if this is an obvious thing.

HI Emmanuel, @emmanuel

Is there anyway to get to this to work as Google’s reCaptcha v3 and use the invisible feature so that users don’t even need to check the box if Google determines that they aren’t a bot? thanks


Great thanks

I’d be curious on this too. I’d like to use v3 for a client, but am realizing the keys don’t work so I assume this plugin is only valid with v2?


Any plans for v3? Would love to have that.


Can we have an update for v3?


Any updates here? Is including the v3 of Google Captcha on the roadmap?

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+1 here.

Can we have an update for v3?

Also adding a +1 here.

In the meantime, is there a way to use reCAPTCHA on Bubble at all? Even v2? I added the legacy secret key from Google but rendering it says there’s an issue with invalid key type.

@nickc, any idea if upgrading reCAPTCHA to the latest version is up on the roadmap / a priority?

No immediate plans, but will add this feedback for future reference.

+1 for V3 update