[New Feature] Safe mode preview


We just added a way to preview your application without loading the custom HTML snippets and HTML elements you have in your app/page. Sometime, custom code can get in the way to change some behaviors, and it’s good to be able to test without removing the elements.

To reach this mode, instead of clicking on PREVIEW, you can hover it for 2 seconds, and then a dropdown will show up. Two options will be shown, the normal one (equivalent to clicking on PREVIEW) and the safe mode one, that prevents the custom code to be loaded. This will help you debug issues when you start adding custom code to your app.



Good call. This will save us a bunch of time debugging (and I assume a few erroneous bug reports to @neerja :slight_smile:)

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Hello @emmanuel

Thanks love this. Can we have an option to exclude third party plugins also. This will make a huge improvement

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We just added this as well


More options now! :slight_smile: