[New Feature] Showing speed potential with capacity


We understand capacity is a complex concept so we’re trying to add more ways to understand how it can impact your app. The latest addition is an estimate of how much faster your app could have been with more capacity.

You have 2 ways to see this. You can see in the editor, logs tab. Under the number of minutes during your app was maxed out, it will also show you how much minutes you could have saved with more capacity.

We also show this in the debugger. When you’re running your app with the debugger, we accumulate data from your app and show a warning message in the debugger every 5 seconds that would have been saved with more capacity.

This data, combined with the ability to test capacity for free, should help you figure out how to optimize your app for better performance :slight_smile:


Nice! :slight_smile:
thanks a lot
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I’m still struggling to get noodle around this… I thought had a good grasp but im on professional plan two extra units in dev mode (no the users testing) simple page load yields a notification that it could have been 7 seconds faster with extra capacity I have no workflows running. Thanks for the indication but I just don’t follow the rationale. No complaint just saying

I just noticed this in the debugger before seeing your announcement. Was wondering how long I’d been missing this :slight_smile:

Nicely done and a much appreciated addition!

Capacity can speed up your app in multiple ways, not only workflows (searches, in particular).

Now note that this number is for information only. So if you’re happy with the situation you don’t need to change anything.

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Does this include ‘current geographic position’ ?

Does inefficient capacity also effect execution or only speed? because i get certain misbehavior on heavy workflows or searches, like bubble not doing as told to

I am not hitting the maximum capacity usage yet I see the “your app could have been faster…” message. Is this something expected?

Yes, this can happen. This means that while you app hasn’t been rate limited, you would gain some performance with more capacity.

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LOVING this new feature, I was unsure if capacity would actually speed up my app, and this gave me the chance to test it before applying more capacity.

Yes it works everyone - my app went a lot faster and my reports weren’t timing out with the Select PDF.

Well done Bubble !!! :grinning:

@emmanuel when we use the boost feature should this mitigate the error indicators in the debugger (of course they’re not errors there only for informative purposes) the only reason I ask, am currently running in a professional plan with 4 units. I’ve boosted and added an additional 5 which is available to me. I’m still getting the indicator saying that my app run 11 seconds faster with more capacity?

Yes it will help, but if the operation is very capacity intensive, the boost may not be enough for the particular operation. it helps overall though (and you can see the impact in the logs tab, there we show the time you could save with more capacity over all workflow runs.

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