[New Feature] Stripe plugin now offers SCA support

Hi Everyone,

In anticipation of the new European legislation, we’ve just updated the official Stripe plugin to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), using Stripe’s new Checkout v3 integration. The new checkout flow is available on an opt-in basis: to enable it, just select “Checkout v3” from the Stripe checkout version dropdown in the plugin menu. Available actions have changed somewhat under v3: stored credit cards can no longer be used, and the checkout flow now provides you the opportunity to supply a product name, description, and image. If you don’t enable SCA, your app will be unaffected. You can read more about SCA in Stripe’s documentation.

Let us know if you have any problems!


Is this on a hosted payment page?

Stripe Checkout v3 works by way of a redirect to a stripe-hosted page, pictured above. https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout


I’m getting this:

Email of the current user is correct. & its the “Subscribe the user to a plan” action

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Can you file a bug report? That’d be the easiest for us to fix it.

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Done, switched back to the old settings for now they still work :slight_smile:

so we no longer can save user’s CC and charge it later?

Regarding Subscriptions, only the initial payment is subsequent to SCA and repeat payments should be unaffected? Also, generally, this is only applicable to payments over £30 from memory?

Getting this error

Stripe error You passed an empty string for ‘line_items[0][name]’. We assume empty values are an attempt to unset a parameter; however ‘line_items[0][name]’ cannot be unset. You should remove ‘line_items[0][name]’ from your request or supply a non-empty value.

Looks like this may not be ready!


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@marca so what about if you have a list of products like in a shopping cart where you have multiple items added to cart. How can we have the each of the products images with their names?
On stripes checkout page the gif shows cases where there is a single product and when there are multiple products.

Secondly where is the shop name being pulled from. Looks like it’s from the stripe account but I can’t seem to find exactly where its defined.


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Here as well, a bug report is necessary: bubble.is/bug_report

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Thanks, just fixed this.

@simon This is caused by leaving the name field blank. We’re already catching this in the error checker, but I’m adding a more user-friendly error message.

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Yes, this is the gist of the new legislation—credit card info can only be collected with a specific mandate of what to do with it.

Stripe’s new interface does indeed allow this, but for the time being we’ve opted for a compatible implementation, to minimize the amount of effort necessary to get onto the new system. We could build out a list-of-items option, if there’s interest.

Shop name (“Bubble test account”) is set in your Stripe account.

Is there a chance of at least getting on-session checkout with a saved card? It looks like it’s allowed and Stripe has built for it via their payment intents API.

It also doesn’t look like the image field is dynamic for Charge Current User. Could we get that to be a dynamic field?

Done, will be live in five minutes :slight_smile:


Works perfect now! Are there also new payment options coming to the plugin soon? Like SEPA & iDEAL for subscriptions? :slight_smile:

@eddy - Looking at the Stripe docs, their checkout implementation only supports card payments and Apple Pay right now.

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You can use the Mollie plugin for ideal.