[NEW FREE PLUGIN] Custom Shapes 🟣

Hello Bubblers ,

I’ve always found the shape component from Bubble a bit frustrating because you can’t really configure it the way you want to add fancy visual elements to your apps. What I usually do is add some HTML/CSS and/or JS to overcome the limitation but that became very time consuming.

So I developed a small plugin which, I’m pretty sure, could help other people as well. You can know add custom shapes (circle, ellipse, polygon, star …) with custom backgrounds (flat, gradient, image) to enhance you apps design.

Plugin Page :arrow_right: https://bubble.io/plugin/shapes-1600352594970x559006494882529300
Showcase app :arrow_right: https://cube-showroom.bubbleapps.io/shapes

Every feedback is more than welcome !




Maravilhoso! :clap:

Is it possible to user dtnamanic values from database to generate the shape?

@virank What would be the use case ? Do you have examples of what you’re trying to achieve.