[NEW FREE PLUGIN] 🎚️Scroll to Any Element Plugin | Scroll from Reusable element | Smooth scrolling

Hello everyone!
:tada:We are stocked to release simple but quite useful plugin! Introducing Scroll To Element Pro

:link:Download on bubble
:link: Demo Sandbox :joystick:

:100:Ideal solution for scroll from Reusable elements

How it can be used?

:zap:Make links to each element in the page
:zap:At its beginning, middle or end
:zap:Create a smooth scroll or instant
:zap:Work even with reusable elements
:zap:Customize the menu in the landing page
:zap:Create links to any block in the site (specific position)

For FREE !

Please, try out and share a small review if you like it or have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone! Here is the Video-tutorial for :

  1. How to create scroll from any element (button) by class or id

  2. How to create scroll from reusable element too !

If you already tried our plugin, please let us know here !