[New Free Plugin] 💾 Store Temporary Data as Result of Step X

Hi all ! :wave:

:arrow_right: I just released a new plugin called “Store Temp Data (Result of Step X)”.

It FINALLY allows you to store temporarily data inside a same Workflow without having to call Database or making complex custom states !

:heavy_check_mark: Works with numbers, texts, number ranges, booleans, images, files, geographic addresses, dates, date ranges, and also :new: Custom Data Types :new:

:question: When to use it ?

Every Bubble developer have already faced this issue :
You want to make a calculation inside a workflow (Let’s say at Step 1), and use this value later on in an another action (Let’s say Step 4).

How do you deal with that kind of situation ? Do you store this temporarily value inside the Database ? Do you store this value inside a Custom State ?

That’s when this plugin becomes useful !

:question: How to use it ?

Let’s do a step-by-step explanation with the use case I just described below.

  1. Calculate our “complex” value (calculation that we don’t want to perform twice) inside the action called “Store number”. The calculation doesn’t make sense, but that’s as an example !

  2. Retrieve this value !
    This is as easy as it seems, we just have to retrieve the value from the Step 1. I don’t know how to explain it easier !

I hope this new plugin will help you guys!
Please tell me if something is not clear, or if you see an improvement I could implement.

If you need some help, please reach out at : wesley.wasielewski@hotmail.fr


Hi @weswas , it works on the server side BackEnd workflows?
btw :+1:

What about a new return type of list of custom data types so you could store a list if someone had the need?

Hey @JohnMark,
Yes for sure, it works even better server-side !

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Hey @bubble.trouble,
This has just been added with the last update !
Thank you!

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Hello @weswas ,
very useful plugin, works great, unfortunately I noticed that those step can take time in executing workflow (front and back). Don’t know if you van improve that point.

Last I thing there’s an issue with store List of Custom Data Type, as we can only store a number (at least in backend)


Hey @almi.77.dev
Hope you are doing well!
This is true, it can take some time (especially in front-end) but unfortunately I can’t do anything to improve this. The action is as simple as possible (it basically returns a value, nothing more).

About the List of Custom Data Type, I think I fixed it 3 days ago. Can you check if you’ve got the last version installed ?


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Hey @weswas
thanks for your reply !
right, with the upgrade List of Custom is now ok ! :+1:

once again really useful especially in backend.
an improvement that could be huge, is the capability to define a conditional value (as you can do in front for example for a group data)
Then this step, store the data, but also is able to define the good value depending some conditions.
Don’t know if it’s possible, but would be great.
In fact should really be a native feature !


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Hey @almi.77.dev,

Once again, this is very relevant.
But unfortunately, this is not possible for us to include features like this one :frowning:

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