📗 New free template - Ez Task Manager template by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new free Ez Task Manager template by EzCode

Template page: https://bubble.io/template/ez-task-manager-1566302830426x222349002773889020

Demo: https://eztaskmanager.bubbleapps.io

The template is sold as is, although additional modification can be discussed. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team .

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Great template… I downloaded it as soon as I saw it!!

I really like the fact that the horizontal scrolling isn’t limited to ten columns but I have noticed that anything after 4 columns leads to very very slow loading times and you have to keep scrolling right to show the lists (after waiting a lifetime) and it’s only when they show that the horizontal scroll bar works like it should.

I’m assuming that’s a limitation with bubble.

Other than that I can’t believe you’ve given this away for free. The only other thing it’s missing is the ability to drag the cards into the order that you desire.

Great work and very generous!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Bubblers, just launched minor template update with new fresh design and Bugs fixes

Also check out new Ez Task Manager Pro template with some more functionality that can help with your great projects

Hope you will like it

Regards Pavel, EzCode team

I noticed you updated this free version plugin today. I downloaded the old template 6 months ago. What updates did you push through? New responsive engine?

Hey @guy.blueoceans , what plugin ? If you talking about template we didn’t pushed new version yet, but planning in near future

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

Thanks for quick response. Yes I meant the template not plugin. This is what I see on template page. If you say you didn’t update then not sure why page says “updated Feb 17, 2022”. Yesterday it said same thing but read “Feb 16, 2022”. Maybe this is a bug/mistake on Bubble’s end?

What do you think?

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Hey @guy.blueoceans , think so because we didn’t made any updates in app, and realised that same think is in other templates

@eve, can you please advice who can help from bubble side about that update field ?

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !