New here - How to setup workflow to email image uploads as actual images and not SW3 Links?

Could anyone advise on a method to have the photos sent as an Image via E-mail or uploaded to a backend portal rather than only capturing the URL of where the image is stored on the AWS?

Sorry if this is simple, I’m very new to this.

Good question. Do you need the image itself or can you just reference it from the original image URL?

If you can grab the URL of the image then you can simply load that to the database and that’ll store the connection to the image.

This will display the image when it’s referenced. However, it’ll be hosted from the original location (so if they take it down or change the URL then the image won’t appear anymore).

If you want it stored in your S3 bucket so you have a copy of the image and don’t need to worry about someone else taking it down (since you have your own copy), then I’m not quite sure what the solution would be for this but someone else can chime in if that’s, in fact, the challenge you’re facing.

Thanks @sridharan.s for your answer. I would like it to be setup so that upon a user image submission that image (as an image fie) is sent via E-mail to a specified address. At present the furthest I have managed to do is have the URL to AWS sent via email but not the actual image file itself.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

most stuff is somewhere in the forum Extract image from URL, attach to email?

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Thanks @Bubbleboy, I’ve followed this but now am having issues with SENDGRID not filling in the TO: field with a custom legacy template and the email fails to send :frowning:

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