[New Plugin] - Animated "Flapper" Text

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a new plugin: Animated “Flapper” Text
This plugin allows you to add an animated flapping text element to your bubble app, similar to the text boards in airports and train stations.

For a demo of this plugin please visit:https://anticodeplugins11.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

For a demo of this plugin in the bubble editor please visit: Anticodeplugins11 | Bubble Editor

Plugin Page: Animated "Flapper" Text Plugin | Bubble



Hi, I like your plugin but have the following two questions if you don’t mind:

  1. Can the font of the text, and the colour of the board be changed?
  2. Can I choose which characters roll up for each letter, before the final (original text) shows?


no unfortunately both things are not possible as of now.
The font and color are fixed and the “rolling up” of characters is random.