[NEW PLUGIN] Binance API Bundle Release

Binance Plugin

Hey Bubblers,

I have just released a Binance plugin that simplifies the difficult authentication structure for the API amongst other benefits. Keep in mind this is the first release of the plugin and has currently been designed to sync transaction history and allow for portfolio tracking features, similar to that of Koinly. A walkthrough of the plugin is available at: https://youtu.be/nCt8qypQwWc and I will be making a video that outlines the process of syncing transaction history and how to setup that backend workflow (If you do some research online you’ll find this isn’t an easy process with the Binance API).

Please read through the detailed plugin description on the plugin page.

Please post any questions regarding the Binance API in this thread and I’ll be happy to try and help.

Demo Page



Hi, thank you for building this. struggle with connecting API for a while and this help simplifies things.

would be happy if you could add Future Endpoint too.

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thanks @t.pumpanwong,

which futures endpoints did you want specifically? There are a lot.


Happy to add these for you

Thank you @agoo7714 , I’m trying to build a trading journal for futures so these two endpoints should cover all of it.

FYI, not sure if it affects your plugin or not, future has a separated endpoint and the base endpoint is: https://fapi.binance.com
Binance API Documentation

All Orders (USER_DATA) :

Account Trade List (USER_DATA)

Thanks again for building this cool plugin

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No worries, I will look into this for you. Thanks

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Thank you, please keep me posted here. Look forward to trying it out.

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Will do, hoping to push this update this weekend :slight_smile:

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Hey @t.pumpanwong ,

I have just added these endpoints now. Please do some testing and confirm that they are working properly :slight_smile: Make sure to update the plugin to the latest release.


@agoo7714 Thank you!!, will test it out and let you know.

Hi, not sure if i’m testing it the right way. I followed this two-step of your workflow in Binance-Demo

These are my input


I’m using real API key and just made an actual trade on my Binance USD-M Acc.

Hey @t.pumpanwong

so the api-result is just a text field and returns the raw text received by the api call. The result field is the one you want to display in a repeating group. Is your step 6 displaying anything in the group, I have updated the binance test app to display the raw returned data as seen in screenshot 2 below. Please try it now with your data and let me know if you get a response.

Screenshot 2

hello @agoo7714 ! I cannot make it work :confused:
The action Account Trade List always return an empty array

here’s how I set it up :

I tried in many way without success. Keys are ok, I tried them elsewhere.

Can you help ?

There are a few reasons this may be happening.

  1. You would have to be using real keys and not testnet keys
  2. A trade history would have to exist for the ADXUSDT pair. Have you definately traded this pair with the account you are using?

If you open the console on chrome, what does the error message say?


I successfuly got it work, thx. I think what I didn t understand is that we cannot get all the trade at once but need to ask for pair one by one… so painfull ! I don t undestand why theybuild their api this way

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It’s not working now due to the latest location restriction. How can we manage to get the data?

This is still working for me, can you take a screenshot of the error?

Here’s the setup.

Here’s the result of preview.

The B. Eligibility is from here
Binance Terms

They blocked the US area.

Damn, I don’t think that is a problem I can solve easily. I think you would have to find a way to change your IP and fool Binance to think you are sending the request from a different country. If that error is trigged because the account is registered as a US account there may not be a workaround available as I don’t think you can change an account’s region. It may be worth reaching out to there customer service and asking for more clarification on the rules and if there are any workarounds available (I have found there customer service to be helpful in the past).


@agoo7714 Indeed, Binance checks the “IP” origin. The only way is to use a VPN or a redirection using a server outside the US. I don’t know if it is possible to do it with Make (formerly Integromat). I’m waiting a response from Make.



The idea is to open an account with the EU server.

Response from Make:

" Yes, the way the platform works is that when you register for an account, you are asked to choose a region in which the data will be held.

​1. EU
​2. US

Whatever, region you specify, the data is held there. Once the account is created, you cannot make any changes to the origin or source of the requests. "