NEW PLUGIN BUNDLE - Get 6 plugins in one - Image Upload, Modern Slider, Toggle Switch, Text Gradient, Radio Redesign, and Checkbox Redesign

This bundle contains a complete redesign of Bubble’s native input forms to make your app look more aesthetic and modern. Get 6 plugins in one. More plugins will be added into this bundle in the future.


Bubble Plugin Page Link:

Redesign Bundle - Six Plugins In One - Image Upload, Modern Slider, Toggle Switch, Gradient Text, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes

In this bundle you will get:

  1. Uploadcare Image Uploader
  • Lightweight and extremely quick uploads from local file, url link, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, and Google Photos

  • Free crop your photos or enable fixed aspect ratios right in your user’s uploading flow

  • Uploadcare shrinks large images down without compromising quality, allowing your website to load much quicker compare to conventional image uploaders

  1. Toggle Switch
  • True/false and texts toggle (you can set first and second values dynamically)

  • Customize on the look of the toggle and the animation speed

  • Toggle will automatically adjust the handle when it is being resized so that the handle is always equal distance between unchecked and checked states

  1. Modern Slider Input
  • Modern style that looks like the ones you see on popular websites

  • Have total power over the looks of the slider input

  • Choose between slider types (simple or range)

  • Ability to set initial values for both types of slider

  1. Radio Buttons Restyle
  • Highly customizable plugin that allows you to configure the look of your radio buttons however you’d like right from the plugin page.
  1. Checkbox Restyle
  • Highly customizable plugin that allows you to configure the look of your checkboxes however you’d like right from the plugin page.
  1. Gradient Texts
  • Bring your texts to life by applying beautiful gradients. Give your app that modern look with this plugin.



NEW UPDATE: Uploadcare Image Upload Plugin can now accept files such as PDF and DOC as well

@linhduynguyen - Are you able to update the plugin with the new uploader (beta) that uploadcare came out with?

Hi Nathan, thanks for the request, but because the new Uploadcare is still in beta, I’m reluctant to update it. Is there a particular reason why you want to upgrade it? Is it for a particular feature or look?

Mostly for look, but that makes sense.

A side issue I’m running into with the Uploadcare plugin is a lot of times is fails to upload various video and photo types. Do you know if there is a file size limit on the plugin or any restrictions on what type of phot and video files you can upload?

Weirdly, 1 out of every 8-9 tries it goes through, but a majority of the time I get this:


Hi Nathan, if you don’t mind sending me a loom recording of your bug to, I will take a look! If it’s a file size issue, it would have thrown an error that says “Your image is too large. Try uploading something smaller”.

@linhduynguyen Hi! I’ve just purchased the Checkbox Restyle plugin and was wondering if there was any chance of adding a field for customizing the check mark image as well? Thanks!

+1 - interested in purchasing but want FULL control over this… i.e. text left aligned, checkbox right aligned (spacing between) and my own custom images/icons for checked/unchecked - I take it that this isn’t possible?