[NEW PLUGIN] - Cipher Factory, a suite of classical cipher algorithms for encryption and decryption purposes

Cipher Factory is a versatile and comprehensive plugin designed to offer a wide range of classical cipher algorithms for encryption and decryption purposes. This plugin is tailored for developers, hobbyists, and educators who require easy-to-use cryptographic tools within their projects or for those who wish to explore the fascinating world of classical cryptography. Cipher Factory integrates seamlessly into your environment, enabling the secure and straightforward application of various cipher techniques to text data.

This plugin is based on the node package I built that includes several ciphers and will be updated with several more over time:

Included Ciphers:

  • Vigenère Cipher: Offers polyalphabetic substitution encryption, using a keyword to vary the shift applied to each letter of the plaintext, enhancing security against frequency analysis.

  • Caesar Cipher: Implements a simple substitution cipher with a fixed shift of letters across the alphabet, named after Julius Caesar, who used it in his personal correspondence.

  • Atbash Cipher: A monoalphabetic cipher that reverses the alphabet, encoding the first letter as the last, the second as the second to last, and so forth, originally used for the Hebrew alphabet but adaptable to any alphabet.

  • Rail Fence Cipher: Encrypts messages by writing them in a zigzag pattern across a specified number of “rails” or rows, then reading off each row sequentially to create the ciphertext, exemplifying a transposition cipher.

  • ROT13: A specific case of the Caesar cipher that rotates letters 13 positions in the alphabet, effectively serving as its own inverse due to the alphabet’s 26-letter structure.

  • Playfair Cipher: A more complex cipher that encrypts digraphs (pairs of letters) using a 5x5 grid and a keyword to arrange the alphabet, marking the first practical digraph substitution cipher in cryptographic history.


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All ciphers included:

Caesar Cipher

Vigenere Cipher

Atbash Cipher

Rail Fence Cipher

ROT13 Cipher

Playfair Cipher