[NEW PLUGIN] - Color Picker (FREE)

Hey bubblers! I just released a brand-new and FREE plugin: Color Picker.

with some really amazing features:

  • Input element as color picker (you can get the accurate hex code or rgba)
  • Button element as color picker (background color can be set from the color picker)
  • Color components such as HEX, RGBA, HSLA
  • Define the output of the color string (to HEX, to RGBA, to HSLA)
  • Color Picker returns the color string

Here’s a demo: DEMO

For more documentation please visit: Docs


Hi @segongora9 great plugin!

Is there a way to get the colour value when its confirmed? Currently we get the value immediately as its changed.

Perhaps you can add an action when the color picker is hidden (on click off)?

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Sorry for the delay @justinnnnnn I was out of town the last days.

I’m not sure I’m understanding correctly, could you further explain? thanks

How is it possible to save the color to the DB? I cant save it with a autobinding or even trigger a workflow when input changes…

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@buero Did you find the way?
Same here for me, I am trying to change a thing field when color picked, using a workflow, but can’t figure out how

It’s looks good but the workflow of saving to db is not working :slight_smile: