[NEW PLUGIN] 🎨 Cool Gradient Backgrounds & Texts

My first paid plugin.

You can set beautiful animated background gradients for any element, like page background, groups, repeating groups, texts, etc.

Just give the same ID of the plugin to the element.

Configure up to 4 colors, angle degree and speed. It has a beautiful automatic page background changer too.

Demo: https://99plugins.bubbleapps.io/animated_gradients


Love it, awesome!

Congrats for this plugin!

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Thank you Christophe!

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:rotating_light: UPDATE :rotating_light:

Fixed height size. Now the gradiente height is fixed to any window height, desktop or mobile.

For some reason I cannot find the plugin when searching from within the editor

no problem for me, could find by just clicking

Is this plugin still available? I can’t find it…