New plugin - Credit Card Validator

Hi all,

Looking for testers for my new plugin. It takes a credit card number from an input form and lets you know if it is valid (by checking number length and Luhn checksum), plus lets you know the card type.

It does this locally, it’s not contacting an API, so the card info doesn’t need to be sent anywhere.

Check it out here:

Now available for anyone to try, search for Card Validator in plugins.


Just updated it to return a Font-Awesome icon for the identified card type.

hey @dambusmedia!

I’m trying your plugin but it doesn’t work for me! (I’ve implemented it in a 2nd screen having yours as an example and still doesn’t validates the card…)

Hi @martin2, feel free to post a link to your editor and I’ll take a look

Hello Will, I sent you a private message with the link!

Will - another fantastic and very useful app, thank you for creating this!

It’s working great for me except for some reason it won’t recognize Amex cards. Could you take a look when you get a chance?

Hi @kbgreenway, looked at the demo you sent me, very strange. I changed the input box’s type from Text (only numbers) to Integers and it’s recognising Amex cards fine. Not sure why that’s happening, I’ll have a look.

Hi @dambusmedia, can you add a luhn checksum for a card/number with 10 digits to the plugin? Thx

That’s impressive. However, can you add Luhn checksum as suggested by gilles. I also found it worth to add. I also developed this one recently. I would love your feedback.

Try as I may, I cannot get this to work. I ended up opening your example app, copying everything exactly, even checking to make sure I wasn’t missing any plugins. Yet the validator always returns a no. I have no idea what could be interfering.

Any idea what else could be in the way?

I think these plugins were last updated before Bubble made significant changes to their editor because I cannot get similar plugins published around the same time to work properly either

Interestingly enough, it suddenly worked a day later with no changes.