[NEW PLUGIN] CSV Generator

Introducing the CSV Generator Plugin for Bubble! This plugin allows users to easily download CSV files separated by semicolons that are fully compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Please note that the plugin only supports text data. Therefore, if you have any non-text data such as dates or numbers, you will need to convert them to text before downloading. Additionally, if you have any long text fields with commas,please use the expression “find:replace” to remove all commas to ensure maximum compatibility.

With just a few clicks, users can select the data they want to download in CSV format and download it directly to their computer. The plugin also includes customizable settings, such as the ability to specify the headers names, columun order and file name, giving users some control over their CSV downloads.

Whether you’re working with large text data sets or just need to quickly download data for analysis in Excel, the CSV Generator Plugin for Bubble is the perfect tool for any Bubble user. Try it out today and streamline your data download process!

Plugin page: CSV Generator Plugin | Bubble

Editor link: moabeplugins | Bubble Editor

Demo link: https://moabeplugins.bubbleapps.io/version-test/csv_generator