💾 New plugin - dataTables - Updated: 09/23/2018 -- NEW DESIGN!

Wow! Awesome!

if its had a subscription model, I sure as hell had jumped on that one.

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I have Just had a little look and its absolutely fantastic nothing short of a brilliant plugin! Unfortunately it falls short of design and freedom to customize to fit the look and feel of my app.

Im really excited to see this evolve tho! and i will defo jump on when its more developed!

Great work @yusaney1, your a champion!!

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I just found a use case for this as it could be used as a quick way to build back end list which will not face customers. Ill think ill buy it for that reason.


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That is precisely my use case :slight_smile:

@yusaney1 quick question does all content render to text? to the point raised by @w.fly does it or would it be possible to support font-awsome icons such as [size=4][fa] fa-calendar [/fa][/size]

@yusaney1 The click row action does not seem to be working. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem to work on your demo page either.


Update: 08/14/2018 – Fixed some errors & bugs.

  • On-click event is working again.

@w.fly Thank you for your feedback, regarding your requests:

  1. We will try to add the add button in the next update, but I believe it’s not possible, because using the plugin builder when we want to add some “user-interaction” with the plugin, we have limited options. I.E: Even if we create a way to add a button on the table, how we should let the user decide if he wants to add a button or not? The element interface it’s very limited, and barely we can only add dropdowns, checkboxes, and inputs.

  2. We will add more styling features to our roadmap.

@gqidea Thank you for your feedback if we decide to change to subscription model you will be noticed in this thread, but I don’t think we will change.

@timgarrett111 Thank you for your feedback, we will add more styling features to our roadmap of coming updates.

@Bubbleboy I’m not sure if dataTables support this kind of customization, in the case not, we will try to figure how to create a custom integration with font-awesome.


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@yusaney1 Understood! Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

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I purchased the plug-in yesterday and I found it extremely buggy. I’ve not had time to do a detailed review as of yet as I’m really busy with my day job.

I was hoping it was going to work straight out of the box and I could quickly make registers but unfortunately it wasn’t very quick as I spent an hour trying to get it to work.

Anyways as soon as I have an update and done a good review I will feedback here so it can hopefully help @yusaney1 Grow plug-in and also help the community as I feel a plug-in like this compliments any bubble application.

High hopes here for this one.

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Hello, @timgarrett111

Not sure how you are using the plugin.

The configuration it not should take more than 5 minutes. I have to see your editor/config to understand why took you around 1 hour to make it works.

I’m aware there will be some bugs and errors which we will try to fix them in the minimum time as possible. That’s because even if we test the plugin before publishing it to the public, always there’s something that we don’t see.

But we take very seriously the bugs and the feedback and we try to add everything in the roadmap.

Thank you for helping us with your feedback. To understand better your case, feel free to ask us anything.


@yusaney1 it was just an enquiry and not really a broad use case… app specific and just seeing if I could leverage instead of a RG… I don’t want to encourage you to add complexity without a large addressable market . There is plenty of room for this plugin without over engineering it . Bravo

This looks like something can make a lot use of, but one other question…

How do we add filters to the options, such as filter by range of Net Worth (in the demo)?

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Update: 08/23/2018 –

  • Now dataTables support multiple values in the same row separated by commas.
  • Now empty fields are supported. Not required space anymore.
  • Added compatibility with bubble filters.
  • Improved stability with Bubble DB.
  • Now searching on dataTable will also search on all multiple matched values.

Dear customers, today we release the version 2.0 of our dataTables, which adds an incredible potential to the plugin. As this is a big update, the custom javascript code that reads and parse the bubble database has changed.

How works the new database?

  • Exactly as was before but with one difference: it’s required to add join with “,” after our search.


Bubble adds his own " " after our “,” so the result is: “”,""

– Demo page & documentation has been updated.
Please check all this info before updating your plugin to the last version because if you use it with the old search it will cause errors on your page.

@hola1, @JonL, @gf_wolfer, @timgarrett111, @Bubbleboy, @vini_brito, @w.fly, @gqidea, @nathant, @MartinFigg


Very nice! Thank you.

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haha I went ahead and purchased your Multi-File uploader while I was at it… You’re a fantastic developer and hope you stay energized to keep developing for this platform :slight_smile: I hope this turns into a profitable endeavor for you.


Thanks so much for your fast support. From bug report to 2.0, my issue was resolved in less than 24 hours (and most of that time was you guys waiting for my response). I’ve been hoping for a plugin like this for ages and I know my customers will appreciate the clean headings that I wasn’t able to achieve with a repeating group.


Awesome! I’ll try later. Great work.

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Update: 08/30/2018 –

  • Added support to multiple dataTables on the same page.
  • Bug fixes.


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Update: 09/06/2018 –

  • Bug fixes.
  • Live edits are now supported:

This demo applies to many use-cases (changing the date from calendar input, filtering, and many other scenarios).


Thanks again for the quick support and adding live edits within just a couple hours of my message. This plugin is going to make my customers’ experience much cleaner than I was ever able to accomplish with repeating groups!

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