💾 New plugin - dataTables - Updated: 09/23/2018 -- NEW DESIGN!

This plugin is working good but I was curious if there was a way to export the resulting data out of this table? If so that would completely solve our reporting requirement . Thanks!


Hello @AZDryHeat, not sure about what are you thinking, but what you are saying should be possible using Bubble export workflow.


The native Export to CSV functionality requires you to pick a specific data type and then supply the underlying data source (query) to bring back the records. What I was hoping is that I could just extract all the data being displayed in your DataTables control into a file through a workflow action. Your control already has all of the necessary queries as a result of the Add Table action that initially populates it. If it was able to export the data exactly as it looks in the control then that would be a game changer as it would overcome one of the major deficiencies of the existing Export to CSV workflow functionality. Not sure if it was possible or feasible but it would be extremely useful!

Update: 09/15/2018 –

  • Added export options: CSV and PDF.


Demo page updated: https://redubleplugins.bubbleapps.io/datatables


Your a champion, Thanks very much!

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Bought the app, trying it out. Any way we can make the # of results shown editable? The default is 10 per page…can we add the option to increase default? (25, 50, 100, All?)

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Gentle Feedback, the Headers don’t necessarily line up with the rest of the columns. See below how the Headers don’t scale.

EDIT: If you sort the column, then the headers jump into the correct width, but the initial rendering still displays like below.

Also, the ability to change the width and height of the table would be nice.

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Wow, thank you! This functionality is awesome. One last thing, I was wondering if it was possible to “Replace a Table” with different columns and data? I have a screen where the user can pick a report and I need to dynamically change the table output accordingly. Right now I’m using multiple copies of the table control to accomplish this but wasn’t sure if there was a more efficient way. Thanks again!

Update: 09/19/2018 –

  • New dataTables design!!.
  • Activated again lenght menu.

Demo updated: https://redubleplugins.bubbleapps.io/datatables

Old design:

New design:

@brad.a.farley #1 solved. #2 Never had that issue. Can you please update your dataTables plugin and try again? The headers and the entire table line up with the other components correctly.

@AZDryHeat Thank you for the feedback, but honestly, I don’t believe we can do this in near terms. I will add that to our roadmap of coming updates but I don’t think it’s something that will come on the next months.


Now that’s service! Thanks @yusaney1

While we are at it… The weird heading I showed above still exists. It happens when hiding/showing the spreadsheet through conditions.

My Use Case: I created a page “reports” where a user could choose various reports from a dropdown input. When I use conditions on the datatables (more than 1 on the page) to show/hide based on the input selected, it renders with the headers being off center. Also, I’ve noticed if you next a data table in a group and show/hide the entire group, the datatable does not render at all. Some wrinkles available to iron out…

Additional Idea Is it possible to add the option for the user to edit/update fields (through auto-binding)? Similar to the handsontable plugin feature?

This is quickly becoming the best spreadsheet plugin on the marketplace!

Since updating the dimensions are wonky too. See the bottom of the graph getting cut off… all of mine are like that now.

EDIT Updated picture to show the row selection menu

Hello that is because something is blocking the plugin load all the resources and libraries.

Can you please tell me how to re-create your scenario, because seems something is affecting the plugin.

Just to make sure the plugin is not stuck on any previous version:
1- Make sure you are using the last version
2- Delete the table element from your page and draw it again (this will force the plugin to use the last version).


I sent you a DM to keep this thread a little cleaner. :slight_smile:

Follow-up @yusaney1 worked with me and got me straightened out. There’s still plenty of ways the plugin can/will improve, but he is the most responsive developer I’ve ever worked with.

Excited to see where this plugin goes from here!


He is indeed. He doesn’t sell plugins. He sells customer service :slight_smile: And he is very good at it. Great plugins are just a side-effect :slight_smile:

I wish him a lot of success and luck and that he stays with us for a long time. Same as other great developers and teams around.


Great plugin!

If I create a list and search on USER with colums like “Name”, “Team” etc.
And then I want one colum to be “Number of clients”.
How do I make the “Search for Clients - Contact = User (on row): count”

I want to know how many clients every User in the list has. I know how to do it with RG, but is it doable with this plugin?

Hello @Kackur, yes it should be possible to use any search filters. You have to use the filters on every search row.


@yusaney1 When I export a csv, the columns are arranged alphabetically… can that be changed to export in the column order the graph is made, instead?

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Hello @brad.a.farley, will try to add that to the next update.


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I have been getting an error on certain Table configurations. It looks like when I add a table row which returns no data I get the following error:

The plugin dataTables / action Add a Table threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null

This occurs whether or not the table rows before or after it contain data. I think this only happens on fields which only contain NULL values for the returned record set. Is there something I can do in my query to prevent this from happening and instead just show blanks?


I second this feature. Bought the plugin today. Thank you