😍 [New Plugin] - Elegant Loading - A user-friendly and customizable Loading Page to display while your workflow actions are being completed

A user-friendly and fully customizable Loading Page, designed to seamlessly accompany your workflow actions and to elevate the User Experience


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:point_right: 3€/monthly or…
:point_right: 9€ one-time!

Featuring 2 Essential Actions:

  • Show Elegant Loading: Captivate your audience with grace.
  • Hide Elegant Loading: Transition seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression.

Tailor Your Experience with These Customizable Properties:

  • Background Color: Paint your canvas with the perfect hue.
  • Animation Duration: Control the pace of elegance.
  • Icon Selection: Choose between circles, boxes, or dots.
  • Icon Color: Express yourself vividly.
  • Custom Text: Craft a message that speaks to your audience.
  • Text Color: Illuminate your message in style.
  • Display Options: Go fullscreen or pop up – the choice is yours!

Experience the simplicity that saves you valuable time while delivering an unforgettable user experience.


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This looks great! I noticed in your screenshot you are using action steps to define when to show, and when to hide the loading element:

Is there anything in particular that keeps these steps from running synchronous due to the nature of how Bubble’s workflow steps operate? Or do you have Custom Events between these steps which forces those actions to take place first before the ‘hide’ action?


¡Hello! Thank you for the feedback!

There are no Custom Events between the two actions. I simply wanted to give the plugin user the ability to decide when and how to show and hide the “Elegant Loading.”

I’m not sure if this answers your questions. If not, please let me know.

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It halfway does, thank you! My understanding is workflow actions aren’t necessarily happening in-order, or more like Step #2 doesn’t necessarily wait until Step #1 is complete to begin working (unless that step is a Custom Event, in which case it will wait to finish all of the Custom Event before moving onto the next step). My question was more in line of - I believe it’s possible a user might setup their workflow like you’ve shown, and the last step (hide Elegant Loading) could be triggered while the previous steps are still finishing up. Possibly a smaller use-case or fringe example but I imagine it may come up, so I was curious if your plugin had any insight into the steps themselves, or if the user is indeed limited to what I mentioned - relying on Custom States to ensure those actions happen in-order and are complete before the ‘hide’ action.

My initial thoughts were how cool, this can detect when something is happening on the back-end and display a loading page.

I guess my question here is what is the benefit of this nicely formatted popup, and a popup I can just create myself and customize it exactly how I want it?

Looking at the workflows, it looks like I can accomplish the exact thing you have by just making a popup, disabling the ability to close out of it with Esc (and thus also by click out of it), and show / hide it as I need?

Not trying to bash your release a single bit, I am just slightly confused on the use case.

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Ah, I understood :smiley:. In that case, I recommend that you add the Hide Elegant Loading to the end of that thread that has been generated. But in any case I am going to investigate if something can be done to solve it independently: When the complete process is finished

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Thanks for the feedback Draked123! :smiley:

What I have tried is to build something that is read-to-use and not that you have to build it every time. a small piece of everything we do with bubble every day, but useful.

I’m going to investigate if it can be detected when a workflow ends so that it is automatically hidden.