💸🗓️ [New plugin] Fiscal Quarter Data

Hi everyone!

I just released a simple, super-fast plugin that calculates financial quarter data. This plugin only uses javascript, it has no dependencies on libraries or APIs🔥.

I got tired of creating database/option set structures to inefficiently calculate the current financial quarter and their start/end dates. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a plugin that achieved this, so I made one!

:rocket: Features

  • Get fiscal quarter data for a specific date
  • Get fiscal quarter data for a specific quarter
  • Set the fiscal year month start
  • Easily toggle to the next/previous quarters

:mag: Returned data

  • Quarter
  • Fiscal Year
  • Start date of quarter
  • End date of quarter
  • Next quarter number
  • Next quarter fiscal year
  • Next quarter name (Q-YYYY)
  • Previous quarter number
  • Previous quarter fiscal year
  • Previous quarter name (Q-YYYY)

This plugin saves time, effort and ultimately speed in your app – no more clunky hidden variable setups calculating the current quarter and dates! Give it a spin!

:arrow_right: Demo page: Fiscal Quarters
:arrow_right: Demo editor: andys_plugins | Bubble Editor
:arrow_right: Plugin page: Fiscal Quarters Plugin | Bubble

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Thank you for the great plugin. This might be exactly what I need on my current project.

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@shpak.serhiy awesome, thats great to hear!

Let me know if you have any feedback, i’d happily add more features if needed. :rocket:

Hi @Andy_i , here are typical time frames that are nice to have (screenshot from the Toggl app):

All of them can be reproduced in Bubble without plugins. But plugin ideally could save a lot of development and maintenance time.