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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Organizational Chart (OrgChart)

Hi everyone,

I just published a new plugin that provides a fully customizable Organizational Chart for your application. This Organizational Chart uses the data from your database or another dynamic data source. The plugin offers extensive customization options, the ability to export the chart as a .PNG or .PDF file, a ‘Node Is Clicked’ event and more!

:arrow_right: Demo page (the editor is public!):
:arrow_right: Plugin page:

You can always reach out to me for questions, bug reports or feature requests!


Amazing plugin! Found 2 bugs, but I didn’t explore the editor so maybe it is because of how the logic is built.

1.- When set “show collapse arrows”, unclip elements and press on the main/root cards the popup displays multiple times.

2.- The element doesn’t expand the page size vertically.

Cheers and congrats for another outstanding plugin!

Hi @pipeleteli,

Thanks for reporting! I think it is now fixed! This was probably caused by the animation of the popup :wink:

Hi @Thimo,

First thing’s first… this an awesome plugin!

I have a question for slightly larger org charts - Is there a way to zoom the org chart out rather than having the left to right scroll functionality? I am trying to view and export the whole org on one page.


Hi @Bubbler_Joel

Zooming is unfortunately at this time not supported. I am not sure if the library supports this feature, but I will look into that for you! :slight_smile:

Trying to a build tournament bracket, wondering if this is possible with this plugin?

This is what i want it too look it.