NEW PLUGIN: Get Image's original dimensions and aspect ratio

Getting original dimensions and aspect ratio from an image URL

I’ve struggled with resizing images while making my app responsive. There is an aspect ratio option now, but there may be situations where you just want to do it another way.

In case you’ve had such trouble, you can sue this plugin to get the original dimensions of the image as well as the aspect ratio. You could use this to set up conditional heights and widths on your image element or maybe even the container around it.


Blur Apps | Atomic Fusion

Is there documentation on how to use the plugin? I don’t see any instructions on the plugin page or your service URL.

Add the plugin’s Get File Size element into your app.

Insert the image file as dynamic data in the URL input of this plugin element.

It will process the results and allow you to access them from the element’s states every time a new image is provided / URL is changed. Once processed it will also trigger a ‘when Image Size is Calculated’ event in your Workflows.

Values available are Original Height, Original Width and Aspect Ratio and can be accessed from the plugin’s element’s states.

Hi @blurapps - Great plugin. Any way to use it as a (backend) workflow action? Thanks a ton!