New Plugin - Hopscotch Plus - For Onboarding Tours

Hey all,

My first non-private plugin! I built this as a private plugin to create tours for my site because the available options were too limiting and creating manual tours became too time consuming, especially with responsive mischief. I finally got enough time to make it understandable enough to release, after some prodding :slight_smile:. Many thanks to everyone here on the forum who have helped me but didn’t know it. I will be creating more documentation around it as needed.

Check it out:

Make a fully featured, highly customizable tour which flows with the user with Hopscotch Plus.

This plugin takes LinkedIn’s Hopscotch to a new Bubble level with overlays, triggering workflows with step advancement, Call To Action Options and callbacks to make a great tour.



Single tour element needed - no more multiple tour elements.

No preload - tours are generated when you want.

Customize - Popup and button color, step background, popup size, position, step labels and close icon and more. Upload your own images for backgrounds if you want.

Generate tours on the fly - check page width and make a custom tour: perfect for satisfying both mobile and desktop users.

Overlays - highlight an element or multiple elements and choose your overlay color. Option to click the overlay to advance.

Trigger workflows - need a menu item to open up before continuing the tour? Use an action step to send a callback then customize your workflow.

Call To Action - add a Call To Action button and trigger a workflow. Combine it with navigation to make a multi-page tour.


That looks amazing! Great work! Will definitely give it a tryout in the next week.