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[New Plugin] Image Compressor by EzCode

Thank you very much for the instruction, I just tried and it is working now!

btw, when I use the " 'solo - file name" and the original file’s extension is .jpg it will automatically add .jpeg after and the file name becomes like xxx.jpg.jpeg. Is this a normal behavior of the plugin?

Glad to inform you that we have added a new event “Error Compressing” and a new state “Error Message” in the latest update.

Thanks for the feedback.

@ezdev Amazing! Thank you. I use your plugin in every app I build that has images so this is a big win.


I’m testing out this plug in and (I think) I’m following the instructions from the live demo currently, however I get an error. Am I doing something wrong?

You are trying to Upload the Thumbnail in the event Done compression, maybe you have mistakenly selected it? The idea here is to use the compressed image not its thumbnail.

Like this

However, when trying to upload the thumbnail, there’s indeed an error on the plugin side, we will fix it asap.

Thanks for getting back to me.
That issue is now gone but I have another issue; I sent you a private message to not spam this forum.

This upload action is supposed to work with the compressed Base64 that you get once the compression is done.

Yes it was my mistake thanks

Hi @ezdev,

This seems to work fine on every browser besides one that is wrapped in an Android app.

It opens the camera, takes a picture but doesn’t display it after.

I’m using your plugin demo site.

Is there anyway to look into/fix this?