[New Plugin] Microsoft OneDrive v1

:rocket: Try out our OneDrive plugin for Bubble.io now and enhance the efficiency of your team’s work! Connect to OneDrive and store, share, and edit files in real time. Add the plugin to your Bubble.io project now and start collaborating more efficiently!

See a preview of the application (YouTube)


:white_check_mark: Get account information

:white_check_mark: List sharing permissions

:white_check_mark: List files and folders

:white_check_mark: Get metadata for file or folder

:white_check_mark: Get a shareable link for a file or folder

:white_check_mark: Create a folder

:white_check_mark: Update a file or folder

:white_check_mark: Delete a file or folder

:white_check_mark: Create Unformatted text document

:white_check_mark: Onenote

:white_check_mark: Upload a file

:white_check_mark: Remove permission




:eye: DEMO


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Hi, we’ve spent a long time integrating this plugin in our website. It works fine with PDFs but a lot of our files are pictures (png, jpg) which are corrupted when they are uploaded to Onedrive.

Please help us solve this issue