[New Plugin] Multi Charts

Hey everyone, We are glad to announce our new plugin. We’ve just released new plugin Multi Charts

With the help of this plugin, you can add multi charts like bubble, bar, line, area, radar and time series chart using plotly library in bubble apps.

This Plugin Includes:

  1. Bubble Chart- Single, Scatter
  2. Bar Chart- Horizontal, Vertical and Stacked
  3. Line Chart- Single, Multi Line
  4. Area Chart- Single, Multi Area
  5. Radar Chart- Single, Multi Radar
  6. Time Series Chart- Single, Multi Series


  1. You can Customize multi Charts
  2. Multi charts are resizable according to the plugin
  3. Multi charts are easy to use in all desktop size it are responsive
  4. Multi charts give you a better Visualization
  5. You can also Download Charts as png
  6. You can Zoom in and Zoom out
  7. Box Select,Autoscale,Lasso Select and Reset axes.
  8. You can also customized Labels, Values, Color, Width, Text Position, Opacity, etc. and also use two datasets.

You can also visit our demo page: Multi Charts Plugin | Bubble

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Hello, I went through the demo and really like this plugin, but I have one question: I was looking for a multi-bubble chart; will this be useful?

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Nice demo, great work!

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We are happy to hear that you like this plugin. Yes, you can build single bubble charts and multi-bubble charts with this plugin. Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Hi everyone,

We have major update in multi chart now we have updated with new series of Combinational Charts. You can visit our demo page

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Are the charts stored in the s3 database like images are? I will need to be able to retrieve the chart link like I can with images, but I can’t tell if this is possible from the demo.

Looking for a link like this

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Hi @jacobstellon Thanks for showing interest in our plugin. In charts, we are using real-time data by giving the input values, which can be static or dynamic. We don’t have the option to retrieve the chart as an URL, but we do have the option to download the image as a png; after that, you can store and get the link. Thanks for your suggestion. We will try that and will add in our further plugin enhancement roadmap.

Thanks for the response. Based on the demo the png image looked pretty low quality. Would love to have the option to retrieve a static version of the chart from the s3 db.