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[NEW PLUGIN]: number to text HH:MM:SS

This plugin transforms any integer (dynamic data) representing a number of second into 5 different time formats you can display or manipulate within your workflow.

Please note that the plugin keeps only the hour, minute and second parts. If your number exceeds 24 hours, the number of days will be ignored.

returned values:
number_in_hhhmmss (hh:mm:ss, as a text)
number_in_mmss (mm:ss part, as a text)
number_of_hours (number of hours part, as an integer)
number_of_minutes (number of minutes part, as an integer)
number_of_seconds (number of seconds part, as an integer)

Example :
the number 26543 (seconds) is returned by the plugin in :

7 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds.

number_in_hhmmss (text fields) : 07:22:23

number_in_mmss : 22:23

number_of_hours : 7

number_of_minutes : 22

number_of_seconds: 23



Instruction :
1- insert the plugin action “convert_seconds_to_hhmmss” to your workflow
2- add your dynamic data (must be an integer)
3- retrive the converted value that suits your needs in the next steps of your workflow


Can this plugin do the reverse? As in convert HH:MM:SS to seconds for use in the database?