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[NEW PLUGIN] - Page & Element PDF Creator

Hi sorry 1 more question - in your examples, the data runs right up to the edge of the page, can you set custom margins? ie. so a printer can easily cope when printing etc.

And if margins are set, will the print area spill nicely onto a second page?

Hi Alan, yes custom margin are available in both actions.
Element to PDF (as HTML) gets Margin Top and Margin Left as properties
Element to PDF (as Image) has Margin which applies to both directions

I think you can understan better if you take a look at the Editor

Hope this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This plugin does not seem to work for me…
I got the following error:


I’d also advise to at least make the plugin available on a monthly basis so people can try it out pro-rata. The price is low enough, but you’ll make people feel scammed if it doesn’t do what they thought it would do.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience! Could you please send a screenshot of the workflow you’re trying to run?

I took this issue up again, don’t get the error anymore but just an empty pdf. I keep my patience but at one point I’d like to get this working.

Hi ben, could you please add the format ‘a4’ (without the quotation marks).
Also, is the element ID set correctly?
Can you attach more screenshots or send me your bubble editor link so I can take a look?