[NEW PLUGIN] - Page & Element PDF Creator

Hello everyone! Due to the demand of the plugin, I’m opening this topic for inquiries and questions about the plugin Page & Element PDF Creator.

Some features of the plugin are:

  • Return the PDF as a Bubble File (you can store it in database, download it or manipulate as you wish)

  • Create a PDF from zero. With a few lines of code, you can edit a pdf as you wish. Add lines, text, circles, images and position them as you wish. Full control.

  • Create a PDF from an element

  • Create a PDF from whole page and all it’s visible elements

  • Create an Image (png, jpeg) from an element

For a live demo please refer to: Live demo

For documentation please refer to: Docs

If you have any question about the plugin, or don’t know how to implement or achieve something please reply this and I’ll answer as fast as I can!


This seems to work well and will be attractive to many – especially at only $6.

By contrast, I believe Zeroqodes PDF plugin is like $35, seems to function nearly identically to this, and has thousands of paid downloads. So good work! This seems like a slam dunk.

My main question is this:
Does this support PDF generation that is non-bitmapped? I.e. like when you do a ‘print to pdf’ which results in smaller files, scalable vector based graphics, dynamic clickable links. At a glance of the docs and playing around with the editor, it doesn’t appear to. I guess its asking a lot of a $6 plugin that likely uses a client-side PDF generation library via HTML canvas to support this feature), however I thought to ask!

Good work.

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Hi Jon! Thanks for your praise, all is appreciated. This version does not support this, however I just rolled a 2.0 version which will support clickable links inside the PDF and scalable vector graphics. The 2.0 version was sent to Bubble last friday and will become live as soon as Bubble team approves the plugin.


Amazing. Looking forward to it.

As soon as it’s live I’ll post it here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello everyone! Version 2.0.2 is live now!!!
Some exciting new features:

  • Ultra high resolution PDF downloads
  • HTML convertion to PDF elements
  • Links inside PDF

Please see DEMO for a full showcase. For any questions, feel free to reach out or to post it here.
Have a great day everyone!

Hi @segongora9 . I tried to update my plugin but didn’t see any link to do that in bubble editor. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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You need to go to the Plugin tab, select the plugin and then choose the latest update from the dropdown

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as correctly said by @jamesbond go to your Plugin Tab in the Bubble Editor and select the plugin ‘Page & Element to PDF’ and there will be a dropdown with the available version. Screenshots for reference

Hello @segongora9

This looks like it will be a nice plugin. I was happy to see that it had the capability to provide active links.

It seems your repeating group on your demo page doesn’t function properly. Here’s a side-by-side layout of what I got each time I tried it.

Also, what about setting up page breaks? Is that possible for multi-page documents?


Hello @gnelson can you please tell me what browser you’re working on and also what OS? I’m working on Google Chrome on macOS Yosemite and this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 3.45.09 PM

Also regarding the page-break, this is currenly on the works for a next update,

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Awesome on the page break. Yes your output looks much better than mine. I’m working with chrome on windows 10. I have only tried it on my work PC so far.

I have bought the plugin, though. Looking forward to seeing where this will go. :slight_smile:

Would you do me a favor and give it one more try? Also be sure to let the repeating group load in it’s entirety. I will still give it a look and make any necessary changes to make it work for you :wink:

Sure. I just tried it at home using Chrome and Windows 10 and it worked. Looked Nice. I’ll try again at work.


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Hi @segongora9 does this plug have “native” text? ie. you can select individual letters etc? I would be using for invoice creation, and lots of parsing services perform better with readable text.

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Hello @alan.mackintosh1 yes it does have native text!! Check out the demo, and see the Element to Pdf (HTML) action, this action converts HTML content into PDF content (instead of having an image of the element pasted in the PDF). Please let me know if this is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m struggling to export with highlightable text. When I look at the PDF, it’s an image, it won’t let me highlight individual letter/words. Am i doing it in the right place?

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Right now the ‘Text’ example is converted to Image, to allow link support. Try the repeating group example (this is using the Element to PDF (HTML) Action.

As you can see in the example it certainly does have highlightable text. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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yes that worked, thanks so much. I will be purchasing the plugin.

glad to help Alan, if you like the plugin it will help me a lot a review from you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: