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[New Plugin] Password Strength Progress Bar

Hi everyone!

I just released a new plugin called “Password Strength Progress Bar” that allows you to display a progress bar below a password input to indicate its strength.
It’s a nice plugin to help your users defining a robust password that will decrease their chances to see their password hacked.

The strengths are divided in 4 steps, and going from a step to another fires a custom event so that you can consequently display visual elements.
You may also customize the colors of the progress bar, with 1 color per step.
Finally, you may retrieve the Current Password’s Strength by a custom state located at the root of the element.

Here are the links :
:link: Preview / Demo : Password Strength Progress Bar
:link: Editor : Password-strength-progress-bar | Bubble Editor
:link: Plugin Page : Password Strength Progress Bar Plugin | Bubble

Happy building! :slight_smile: