[NEW PLUGIN] PayFast Payment Gateway (South Africa)

Hi Pieter, do you perhaps have a video tutorial? For a newbie, i’m finding it difficult to integrate using the documentation.

Good day,
Id like to know how to integrate the Payfast APi with bubble.io for subscriptions. I am unsure how on the following:

  1. Under Event: Button Subscribe: m_payment_id=** what unique must this be? **
  2. Under Event: Get Subscriptions: subscription token: **what is this token and how do i generate it? **
    I have an issue understanding how this API works because I cannot seem to make it function on the editor applicationn.
    Please DM be back with some assistance- greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

Hi @pieter
I had a look at the plugin and your demo page, but I do not see where to add the currency. Have I missed it? Can the plugin handle multi-currencies?

I’m looking to set up subscriptions for ZAR & USD. (other currencies will follow)