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@timzafir it’s definitely working (at least in chrome, but since backend, it should work on any browser because backend does not depend on the browser).

Look over this workflow carefully: Nrb-tester | Bubble Editor

Here’s a video of me walking through this workflow (note that I significantly changed it to make the flow of things more apparent):

Basically, the merging takes some time (5 seconds for small PDFs) to complete… you may have an issue with the “Make changes to User…” step in your workflow, but the actual merging is definitely happening. You can also check your file manager to verify that the merged file completes (unless you disable that in the “Backend Merge…” step).

@nicholasrbarrow - I was an numpty and had the “Do Not Upload” checked.

FYI, no issues with making changes to user.

For what it is worth, my attachment was coming up in gmail as unreadable

After some exploration I realised the importance of the “.pdf” suffix in the name which resolved the matter.
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.47.25 am

Massive thanks @nicholasrbarrow this has saved me a massive headache.

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@timzafir thanks for the heads up re. the missing “.pdf” extension. I just pushed v.3.2.1 which will automatically append the “.pdf” to the “Merged File Name” incase you (or anyone else) forgets it in the future.


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