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@timzafir it’s definitely working (at least in chrome, but since backend, it should work on any browser because backend does not depend on the browser).

Look over this workflow carefully: Nrb-tester | Bubble Editor

Here’s a video of me walking through this workflow (note that I significantly changed it to make the flow of things more apparent):

Basically, the merging takes some time (5 seconds for small PDFs) to complete… you may have an issue with the “Make changes to User…” step in your workflow, but the actual merging is definitely happening. You can also check your file manager to verify that the merged file completes (unless you disable that in the “Backend Merge…” step).

@nicholasrbarrow - I was an numpty and had the “Do Not Upload” checked.

FYI, no issues with making changes to user.

For what it is worth, my attachment was coming up in gmail as unreadable

After some exploration I realised the importance of the “.pdf” suffix in the name which resolved the matter.
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.47.25 am

Massive thanks @nicholasrbarrow this has saved me a massive headache.

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@timzafir thanks for the heads up re. the missing “.pdf” extension. I just pushed v.3.2.1 which will automatically append the “.pdf” to the “Merged File Name” incase you (or anyone else) forgets it in the future.


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After testing: If the file size is small, then this works.
However, if 1 of the pdf files is larger, say 32mb, then the workflow fails… any reason why this would happen. It fails by saying this in bubble: “Workflow error - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!”

Hi @rob.t :
Based on this information, this appears to be a limitation on the amount of memory Bubble allows on the backend. Since everything works except for a larger file size, and there is nothing that I am aware of in the plugin’s code that has any file size limits (as it works perfect on the front end) my only conclusion is that Bubble caps the memory usage on the back end.

If you need support for larger file sizes, perhaps check with Bubble and let us know what they say?

Thanks so much for the response nicholas…

Gotcha on your explanation. I will call bubble and find out what is going on…

I tested 10mb, 5mb, 4mb, 2mb, 1.5mb, 1.2mb and 900k file sizes.

The only ones that worked were: 1.2mb and 900k.
These files are coming from “Links” to the default location bubble uploads files to…

With that said, It could be the “file size” or a “timing issue” retrieving these uploaded files from their default location on amazon…

I will update here once I get to the bottom of it with bubble. Thanks again!

Hello Nicholas,
I did try this on the “Front End”. It fails as well with the same error with file sizes above 1.2 mb.

I am developing right now and am in Development Mode. Not sure if being “Live” makes a difference.

As far as Bubble support… I emailed them 3 times today from 10am mountain time to even right now at 9:49pm mountain time. No response from them.

FYI, I have Production Plan with Bubble…

Hi @rob.t :
I’ve used the merger on the front end with sizes much larger than 1.2 mb without problems. The backend file size is a known issue, but as far as front end goes, I’ve never had an problems regarding file size. Can you check your browser’s console and see what is output there?

Hi @nicholasrbarrow ! Thanks for this very helpful plugin! However I’m having an issue: in the Server logs I get the error below:
Plugin action Backend Merge List of PDFs error: Error: Failed to parse PDF document No PDF header found
Is that something you have seen before?

I am merging 3 PDF files, they are all 1-page documents letter size, taken from a Google Sheets document through the export URLs. Each PDF file downloads and opens properly on my computer.

Thank you!

Hey, thanks for reaching out. It sounds like a formatting error on that specific PDF. Your computer might be able to work around the issue, but PDF merger won’t be able to. Also, make sure there are no empty items; those will also throw that error.