[Plugin] Merge PDFs

Hi everybody. I published a plugin a couple of days back. This plugin allows you to merge your PDFs together into one PDF.

Upload the files or enter the URLs and save the merged file in your Bubble database or export it to Amazon S3. This API works Asynchronously, so you can initiate multiple requests at the same time. You would need an account with CloudConvert.

In their free tier, you get free 25 compression every day.


  1. Create an account with https://cloudconvert.com/api/v2

  2. Copy the API key and paste it in the plugin settings.

  3. Use Action: Upload to upload a file to CloudConvert. It will return an ID. This will be used in the next call. Similarly, upload N number of files that you would like to merge. Each will return its own individual ID that will be used in next call.

  4. Then Use Action: Merge to merge the files. Use IDs returned by each “Action: Upload” in this call. It will return its own ID. This will be used in the next call.

  5. Finally, Use Action: Download to download the file. Use ID returned by “Action: Compress” in this call.

In case the operation takes time, you can check the status of it using “Action: Status”. Just send the ID returned by that operation in this call.

You can also use Action: Export to S3 in case you want to export the compressed file to S3.

Upload 1 and Upload 2 does the same function, it is created to keep things easy as you can see in demo version.

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